ViceBite for Vineyards

Ideal for vineyard applications in fact this is why the product was invented!! Fast installation of multiple end assemblies = cost saving efficiencies. No notching means less chance of post failure under heavy crops and vines can be planted to maximised spacings as compared with anchor end assemblies.


ViceBite for Fencing

Drilling pins and notching only complicates installation and reduces the strength and lifespan of timber posts. Other brackets rely on nails and screws but ViceBite is designed to “bite in” and won’t budge even under side impact from animals or machinery due the double teeth design on both faces of the bracket.

ViceBite for Community Projects

Easy to use, the ViceBite brackets make it easy to teach good fencing habits and are useful for those community projects and any fencing project that needs to be done fast but well!! There is no need to be drilling pin holes or notching which may lead to mistakes and fence failure, and new users can be shown the demonstration video before they start making it easier once on the job.

Welcome to Vicebite

Fitting Vicebite Bracket

Fitting Vicebite Bracket

Vicebite fencing brackets are an Australian Made innovation providing a fast and easy method of installing timber stay posts, including angle assemblies, H brace (box stay end assemblies) or post and rail fencing.

Vicebite fence brackets are perfect for fencing contractors, farmers and even the hobby farmer as they are simple to use, create a stable and reliable fence end assembly that won’t fail.

Vicebite is unique as it works with the grain of the timber fence post and can be installed extremely fast saving you precious time!

Perfect for vineyards, Vicebite can also be used in any timber fence application such as animal containment, and environmental fencing applications. There is no more need to notch posts or have clumsy pins, screws and nails holding your stay in place – because Vicebite does this for you!!

Vicebite fence brackets are available through all good farm supply and fencing supply stores within Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and New Zealand, see our supplier’s page for more information on where you purchase Vicebite fence brackets.

If your store doesn’t stock it then check out our online resellers listing for your region or you can purchase direct via our online store.