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Fast Farm Fencing


Do you need a fast and effective way to get all of your fences in top shape?  Take a look at Vicebite Fence Brackets and see how simple it can be to get strong and robust end assemblies - the back bone of every fence. 


Perfect for farms, vineyards and animal yards....made in Australia and sold through trusted rural supply stores here and overseas as well as online.

Fence it Fast.....Make it Last using Vicebite fence brackets.


"We started using ViceBite in our vineyards as a recommendation. It worked extremely well and it was quick. It started getting used in general farm fencing and then we were hit by the flood. We lost most of our fencing and needed to re-fence as quickly as possible to give cattle access to feed. ViceBite has been giving us strong braces and boy is it quick and easy to use. It takes very little time to set up a strainer, we can fence more which is important because we lost so much fence. This should be looked at by everyone needing to stock fence small or large jobs. It really is quick and easy without compromising on the security of the fence." Glyn Strong 

Wilson Banks Farm,

Mid North Coast NSW

— Glyn Strong

Wilson Banks Farm

Mid North Coast NSW Australia

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