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Time is Money

Are you calculating your time?


Time is precious and often its easy to overlook the time it takes to do the smallest of tasks.  This is how ViceBite was concieved due to the need to install multiple end assemblies for our small vineyard. 

We did it the hard way but you don't have to, because we came up with a simple product that makes an end assembly reliable and sturdy in a fraction of the time.

Notching vs Vicebite

is probably easy for the experienced fencer, but Vicebite only requires the end of the stay to be cut on an angle.

Less handling = less $$



Pins vs Vicebite

Accuracy is the key to this system but it also has a disadvantage in that one pin can easily dislodge or tear through under impact.  ViceBite has double offset teeth that are structurally more reliable and won't dislodge.

More reliable = less maintenance = less $$

One design does not fit all when it comes to fencing!

Design your fence right from the beginning and you will have less maintenance over the lifetime of the fence.  Just because the neighbour does it one way doesn't always mean its right when you consider its purpose, make sure you consider things like:


Soil Type (Clay or Sand, dry or boggy soils)

Contour of the landscape (flat or sloping)

Load bearing (vineyards or other trellising purposes)

Impact risks (animals or vehicle impacts)

Height required (post in ground/above ground calculations)

All of these things will be factors on what fence design you should be considering and in particular the end assembly style you should use to ensure you won't be doing this all again in a year or two - Time is Money!


Fencing is a science, physics is the key - understand what your needs are and do your homework.

Contact us to assist in a sound end assembly design for your needs.

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