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Moncaster Wire Products - UK

Moncaster Wire Products are a prominent supplier with over 30 years' of businessin the wire and fencing industry. They are proudly part of Cavatorta, a leading European manufacturing industrial group with the means of distributing high quality products at extremely competitive prices. Incorporating our purpose built warehouse gives us the ability to stock a high quality of stock to deliver the most comprehensive service to their customer base - nationwide.

Mevogra - EU

Mevogra offer not just beautiful materials and products for the building industry but also supply wholesale fencing products such as Vicebite to various farm supply stores within the European nation.  Based in Belgium Mevogra can assist companies with getting Vicebite into their product range along with many other services including railway sleepers and we look forward to a strong partnership well into the future.

Pasture Management Systems - USA

Pasture Management Systems are our US distributor who can assist farm stores and individual farmers with their fencing requirements plus so much more!  Based in North Carolina and servicing a large area we support this family based business with what they do best - Great farm and ranch products!

Zaunteam Franchise AG - EU

Servicing the European nations Zaunteam based in Belgium have been a strong supporter of Vicebite fence brackets from the start.  Vicebite has proven useful in undulating country for alpine fencing which requires continual changes, but also for the traditional UK conditions Vicebite proves its not just for the Australian backyard but can have a great impact in global environments.

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